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Explore Our Latest 3D-Printed Cosplay Masterpieces!

Step into a world where fantasy and craftsmanship converge as we proudly unveil our latest arrivals at Yumialnd. Our passion for 3D printing meets the magic of iconic characters in this collection of extraordinary cosplay props. From the pages of The Sandman to the realms of Blade Runner and beyond, join us in exploring the newest additions that are set to elevate your cosplay experience to new heights.

The Corinthian Skull from The Sandman

Embrace the Darkness

Explore Our Latest 3D-Printed Cosplay Masterpieces

Enter the eerie and mysterious realm of The Sandman with our meticulously crafted Corinthian Skull. This hauntingly detailed prop captures the essence of Neil Gaiman's iconic character, bringing a touch of dark fantasy to your cosplay ensemble. Dare to embrace the darkness and channel the sinister allure of The Corinthian.


Portal Companion Cube Storage Box

A Portal to Storage Bliss

Explore Our Latest 3D-Printed Cosplay Masterpieces!

For fans of the beloved Portal series, our Companion Cube Storage Box is a must-have addition. Not only does it pay homage to the iconic game, but it also serves as a functional and stylish storage solution for your cosplay accessories. Let the Companion Cube guard your treasures as you embark on your cosplay adventures.


Jinx's Dream Monkey Bomb

Unleash Chaos with Style

Explore Our Latest 3D-Printed Cosplay Masterpieces

From the explosive world of Jinx comes the Dream Monkey Bomb, a whimsical yet powerful addition to your cosplay arsenal. This prop encapsulates the chaotic energy of Jinx's arsenal, making it the perfect companion for cosplayers who love to add a touch of mayhem to their characters.


Mysterious Artifact from Baldur's Gate 3

Tap into the Unknown

Embark on a journey into the unknown with the Mysterious Artifact from Baldur's Gate 3. This enigmatic prop adds an air of mystery to your cosplay, making it ideal for characters with arcane or otherworldly origins. Let the artifact be the focal point of your costume, sparking curiosity and intrigue.


Daedra Figure 24 cm (9.4")

Summon the otherworldly with our 24 cm Daedra Figure. This intricately designed prop captures the essence of Daedric power, making it a stunning centerpiece for any cosplay's home by the realms of fantasy. Command attention with the fiery presence of this exceptional figure.


K Pistol from Blade Runner 2049

Sci-Fi Elegance

Transport yourself to a dystopian future with the K Pistol from Blade Runner 2049. This sleek and futuristic prop adds an element of sci-fi elegance to your cosplay. Immerse yourself in the cyberpunk aesthetic and let the K Pistol be the finishing touch to your futuristic ensemble.


Cactuar Storage Box

Quirky and Functional

For fans of Final Fantasy, our Cactuar Storage Box is a quirky and functional addition to your cosplay collection. Let this iconic character from the gaming world guard your smaller accessories in style, adding a touch of whimsy to your preparations.


Buffy's Slayer Stake - Dice Storage Box

Empower Your Cosplay Journey

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, rejoice! Our Slayer Stake doubles as a functional dice storage box. Empower your cosplay journey with this versatile prop that seamlessly combines fandom with practicality. It's the perfect accessory for those who seek to slay both demons and roll critical hits.


Discover the magic within each intricately crafted piece in our latest arrivals. At Yumiland, we're dedicated to transforming your cosplay dreams into reality. These new additions are not just props; they're gateways to immersive experiences and unforgettable moments. Explore our collection and let your imagination run wild as you bring these extraordinary characters to life.